Introduction of Terence Kibula Lukong

“I’m going to be part of ISA because I believe that we need a cleaner, healthier and sustainable energy resources for our world and especially my home country. My ISA experience will enable me promote and contribute to a more sustainable energy situation in my home country.” Terence Kibula Lukong is a mathematical engineer working
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18. November 2019

Introduction of Assem Askarova

“I am going to take part in ISA because the biodiversity conservation of marine ecosystems is an integral and paramount task for the sustainable development of the world community and the well-being of future generations.” Assem Askarova from Kazakhstan is a marine ecology researcher(hydrobiologist). She has a Bachelor of Natural Sciences in Ecology and a
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13. November 2019

Introduction of John Eduafo

“I am going to take part in ISA, because the positive change I want to see in the world starts with me.” John Eduafo is a social entrepreneur from Ghana. He is the CEO of the Authentic Ghana Tours and co-founder of a charity called ‘Be the Change Foundation’ in Ghana. The Authentic Ghana Tour
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5. November 2019

Introduction of Isabel Salazar

“Besides the unique opportunity to participate in developing cutting edge, in-depth, applied research on the implementation of SDGs, I am strongly convinced that ISA is also the best platform to exchange experiences, ideas, and dreams with people from very diverse backgrounds, that share the passion and conviction that I have to face our common challenges”
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29. October 2019

Introduction of Sidhartha Mohanty

“I participate in ISA because I believe that the future of work is going to be very different and autonomous, and I want to disrupt it with our innovative voice-based AI platform that can impact a billion lives across the globe and bring them into a common platform to explore careers and jobs. We want
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23. October 2019

Introduction of Tarba Abidine

“I am going to take part in ISA, because I believe that we need to include sustainability as a criterion in the building process in Mauritania.” Tarba Abidine is an Architect from Mauritania and owns an architecture business called GRAPHIQ. She is working in the design and construction of buildings using mud as primary construction
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1. October 2019

Introduction of Alexander Sakyiama Darko

“I am going to take part in ISA, because I believe in equality and helping any individual through impartation of knowledge to enable them attain their highest potentials in life. Education is the key to success and nobody must be underestimated or denied that opportunity.” Alexander Sakyiama Darko is an IT High school teacher from
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24. September 2019

Introduction of Lillian Mana

“I am going to take part in ISA because I am passionate about an all-inclusive sustainable development which I believe should start from the grassroots going up. ISA is a capacity building opportunity through me for the communities I serve.” Lillian Mana is a young passionate Zambian with a master’s degree in Ecology and is
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12. September 2019

Introduction of Lateef Salami

“I am going to take part in ISA, because I hope to tackle problems of office equipment waste, a major but often neglected contributor to environmental degradation in Nigeria and a veritable source of wealth creation for individuals and businesses if properly managed.” Lateef Salami is an engineer from Nigeria and the founder of Bluesky
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5. September 2019

Introduction of Elena Pak

“I am going to take part in ISA because I do believe that the biggest changes start from small actions, and if you don’t begin, no one will.” Elena Pak lives in South Korea and is originally from Uzbekistan. She is a student of English language literature and International Trade. She is fluent in three
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28. August 2019