Introduction of Assem Askarova

“I am going to take part in ISA because the biodiversity conservation of marine ecosystems is an integral and paramount task for the sustainable development of the world community and the well-being of future generations.”

Assem Askarova from Kazakhstan is a marine ecology researcher(hydrobiologist). She has a Bachelor of Natural Sciences in Ecology and a Master of Natural Sciences in Biology. Currently, she is working for a private ecological company as a leading specialist in a hydrobiological laboratory. She monitors and evaluates the state of the ecosystem in the Caspian Sea.

Her research at ISA will focus on understanding the various marine ecosystem-monitoring techniques (in the statistical analysis of samples using modern software) that exist in Germany with the aim to modify or recommend modification to techniques use in her consulting company. She is also very interested in researching and analysis of existing data on the biodiversity of macrozoobenthos and its conservation with the application of management tools, assessment of climatic and fishery induced effects on marine ecosystems (especially on macrozoobenthos) and understanding mathematical modelling use in estimating the present and procrastinating the future state of marine ecosystems.