Theory of Change Workshop

The fellows embarked on their professional journey at ISA with an intensive workshop on Result-Based Project Management, focusing on structuring projects using the Theory of Change concept. We caught up with two of our fellows to hear their impressions about the workshop, and here’s what they had to say:

Evangelista: “I had a great experience with the facilitator Vladmire on the Theory of Change, and it has helped to give my project clarity . The lecture was so interesting that I did not need coffee to help to stay awake or to stay focused. The interactive presentation was excellent with mini exercises that helped us to understand what entails to projects. The theory of Change is my go-to exercise whenever I feel like my project is changing focus.”

Djivenson: “Participating in the ‘Theory of Change’ course at ISA was a refreshing experience for me. Although the concept was new, I found the delivery of the course and the range of project-related topics covered truly engaging. As a project leader, I gained valuable insights that will undoubtedly enhance my ability to shape, implement, and monitor projects effectively. One highlight of the course was the practical exercise where we were divided into teams to categorize TOC phrases and concepts. This interactive activity not only reinforced my understanding but also encouraged retention of the content. Overall, it was an enriching experience that I’m excited to apply to my projects.”