Learning and research with our prestigious partners

In order that the ISA program is funded and can be adapted to suit the requirements of the respective scholarship holders, it works in collaboration with selected educational establishments, institutions and companies

Studies at the Leuphana are as diverse as science itself. The Leuphana sees itself as an open university for freedom and responsibility. Its development is oriented to the ideas of humanism, the challenge of sustainability and its practical relevance. Research and teaching focus on the central issues of society: Educational research and teacher training, management and entrepreneurial action, cultural studies and sustainability research are the four priorities and are also the faculties at the Leuphana. www.leuphana.de

The development of sustainable solutions for society’s challenges both present and future: This is the goal of HAW Hamburg, North Germany’s leading University of Applied Science, in terms of reflective practice. At the forefront is the excellent quality of the study courses. At the same time HAW Hamburg continues to define its profile as a university of applied scientific research. People from more than 100 nations work together to actively shape HAW Hamburg. Its strength lies in its diversity. www.haw-hamburg.de

The African Conservation Foundation works to protect Africa’s endangered wildlife and their habitats by tackling the root causes of biodiversity loss. ACF is focusing on partnering with and building the capacity of grassroots conservation efforts in the region. Their overall mission is to change the approach of the management and utilization of natural resources to one in which the needs of human development in the region are reconciled with biodiversity conservation. www.africanconservation.org

The Michael Succow Foundation works in the area of nature conservation and supporting of protected areas with the focus to Post-Soviet countries with 20 years experience. The operational foundation is engaged on the national and international level in the development and protection of national parks and biosphere reserves in the transformational countries of the former Eastern bloc. The foundation works in close co-operation with the Institute of Botany and Landscape Ecology of the University in Greifswald. www.succow-stiftung.de

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