Participants 2019/2020

The 12 ISA scholarship-holders 2019 / 2020 were selected at the beginning of May 2019. They were able to convince the selection committee of their projects and their personal suitability in the pre-selection procedure and in the subsequent video interviews (here in alphabetic order):

  • Tarba Abidine from Mauritania. Her project goal: Conception and design of sustainable, economic social buildings adapted to the environment and climate of Mauretania. One of her design prototypes will be built after her return to Mauretania in cooperation with the International Labour Office.
  • Assem Askarova from Kasachstan. Her project goal:Analysis of diverse techniques for monitoring the marine ecology system in Hamburg or in Germany, in order to be able to recommend possible technical modifications for her home country Hydrobiology Laboratory and consultancy companies.
  • Alexander S. Darko from Ghana. His project goal:Design of an IT-based education & mentor program for girls and teenage girls from 11 to 20 years of age in Ghana.
  • John K. Eduafo from Ghana. His project goal:Restructuring of the eco-tourism program of his company and the creation of a volunteer program to attract international visitors. 30% of the profit will be used to support child education in the rural villages of Ghana.
  • Olya Esipova from Usbekistan. Her ISA project is aimed at the development of a program to sensitize the people living in the Aral Sea region towards more responsible behavior in respect of nature. In order to carry out this program of sensitization she will develop a questionnaire to assist understanding of the social and ethical norms of the local people and in a second stage, based on this, to work out measures for action.
  • Lateef O. Salami from Nigeria. His project goal: To set up the first company to operate on a national basis specializing in the recycling of ink and toner cartridges.
  • LillianMana from Zambia. Her ISA project aims to design an environmental education program for schools nearby and in protectorates of Zambia that also includes the increase in value of NTFPs (Non-Timber Forest Products).
  •  Sidhartha Mohanty from India. He manages a project based on artificial intelligence for language to the benefit of a large majority of non-English speaking workers in India. He wants to research technology systems for the advancement of his project and administration of the online-recruitment platform.
  • Akam Raoul Ndifor from Cameroon. His project goal:He is the medical archives manager of an international ophthalmic clinic NGO (eye clinic, training and research center). At ISA he wants to learn methods of data storage through benchmarking together with statistic methods for analysis of patient data and to integrate this know-how into improving data systems in Cameroon.  
  • Elena Pak, born in Usbekistan, lives in South Korea. Her project goal: the development of a school environment education program (SEEP) for communities in the Aral Sea region. She would like to develop a program for younger members of the population, in order to inform this target group around the Aral Sea about the consequences of human actions on the environment and about the possible alternatives.
  • Isabel Salazar Herrera from Mexico. Her project goal: She plans to extend her knowledge of circular economic systems and strategies to master the challenges in the process of implementing SDGs 12 and 13. With the know-how she acquires she plans to write a report (at government level) containing a proposal on how Mexico can support circular economy and better implement SDGs 12 and 13.
  • Terence Kibula Lukong is a mathematical engineer working with the National Electricity Transmission Cooperation of Cameroon as an Energy account manager, he has an 8 years working experience. At the moment he is equally finishing his PhD in Electricity load forecast at the Doctorate School of Engineering Sciences and Applications Polytechnic University of Yaoundé I.

Please note that the project goals are preliminary and will be further defined. Participants and their projects will be presented in detail in the coming weeks and months in our News Blog.

You would like to cooperate with one or more of the scholarship-holders? Then please contact the Project Team.