“I am taking part in ISA because I believe in the motto, ‘leave no one behind ’. HIV is a global pandemic and I would love to copy, exchange and partner with ideas that institutions in other countries have implemented to combat its spread.

Sally has 7 years of experience working with PEPFAR-funded organisations in various regions in Kenya with a main focus on HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment. She has collaborated closely with the HIV implementing partners and other local stakeholders like county Health Governments. Her background as a Physician Assistant comes in handy as she aims to ensure the success of healthcare and HIV/AIDS prevention initiatives through Quality improvement, Data collection and continuous quality improvement to emphasize tailor-made services effectively.

Her ISA project aims to boost male engagement in healthcare across The Maasai community in Kajiado West and South regions in Kenya. Through community forums and engagement, her project involves both the Maasai community and religious leaders in HIV/AIDS prevention awareness, targeting diverse sectors like dancers in local entertainment joints, charcoal burners, sand harvesters and fisherfolks. The project aligns with UNAIDs 95-95-95 goal, focusing on at-risk Morans. It addresses gender disparities and collaborates with local stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability. It also endeavours to deliver primary healthcare services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS, particularly in the expansive and challenging terrain of the Maasai villages where the average distance to a health facility is 35 kilometres.