Introduction of Elena Pak

“I am going to take part in ISA because I do believe that the biggest changes start from small actions, and if you don’t begin, no one will.”

Elena Pak lives in South Korea and is originally from Uzbekistan. She is a student of English language literature and International Trade. She is fluent in three languages: Korean, English, and Russian. She has 2 years experience working with kids as an English teacher. At the moment she is finishing her Bachelor´s degree.

Her ISA project is aimed at developing a School Environmental Education Program (SEEP) for communities adjacent to the Aral Sea and the Low Amudarya Biosphere Reserve. She has experience in child education and she wants to develop a program to educate the younger generation living in the regions on the consequences of human activities on the environment. This SEEP will include both classroom and outdoor education activities, but most of it will be oriented towards practical action.