Introduction of Sidhartha Mohanty

“I participate in ISA because I believe that the future of work is going to be very different and autonomous, and I want to disrupt it with our innovative voice-based AI platform that can impact a billion lives across the globe and bring them into a common platform to explore careers and jobs. We want to ensure technology does good for people at the bottom of the pyramid and for the masses.”

Sidhartha Mohanty from India is the co-founder of Bindas Jobs, a human resources technology (HR Tech) company exploiting the benefits of artificial intelligence for speech. He studied Computer Science and Marketing & Finance and worked for eleven years in the department of Sales & Marketing. His last job was focused on investor relations and communications.

With his project Voifeed he wants to use technology to help people in need. It is a central digital platform to connect workers and companies based on artificial intelligence. His vision is to empower the workers and to achieve sustainable economic growth in his country. A big challenge is the variety of languages spoken in India. He would like to create voice recognition as a smart way of recruiting and managing people and to reach people with lower education. He would like to ensure that businesses get qualified skilled staffs with this technology platform and can assess them with this voice technology, also he wants to see a well-connected digital workforce across businesses with the communication BOT which he is working on as an extension to this recruiting app. With regard to the SDG’s, he is convinced that sustainability means, that people need a job opportunity to escape from poverty. In Germany, he wants to gain insights into the digital and technology industry from a global perspective. Back in India he wants to scale his project to reach the next level.