Introduction of Isabel Salazar

“Besides the unique opportunity to participate in developing cutting edge, in-depth, applied research on the implementation of SDGs, I am strongly convinced that ISA is also the best platform to exchange experiences, ideas, and dreams with people from very diverse backgrounds, that share the passion and conviction that I have to face our common challenges”

Isabel Salazar a Mexican who studied Chemical/Environmental Engineering in Mexico and Renewable and Sustainable Energy in Barcelona. She had been working in the private sector for twelve years and has experiences in leadership and developing sustainable projects using lean six sigma tools. After her second master´s degree, she started working as a Sustainability Consultant.  She participated in developing the policy framework and financial analysis of the project “Support the Mexican Federal Government’s transition to continue the implementation of the Paris Agreement” as part of the Accelerated Climate Transitions Program (UK PACT). She is currently active in a project with WWF, documenting success stories in Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement and collaborating with the Mexican Accreditation Body Entity as a technical expert for the GHG certification program. She is experienced in sustainability strategies, policy framework analysis, development of GHG inventories, energy-saving projects, waste management projects, and renewable energy market research.

At ISA she plans to acquire knowledge on circular economy system and strategies designed by Germany in overcoming challenges in the SDGs 12 and 13 implementation process. Therefore, visiting best practices in Germany, which are focusing on these SDGs will play a very important role in her ISA project. With the knowledge acquired, she plans to write a report, which includes proposal on how Mexico can promote circular economies and better implement responsible consumption and production as well as climate actions.