Introduction of John Eduafo

“I am going to take part in ISA, because the positive change I want to see in the world starts with me.”

John Eduafo is a social entrepreneur from Ghana. He is the CEO of the Authentic Ghana Tours and co-founder of a charity called ‘Be the Change Foundation’ in Ghana. The Authentic Ghana Tour offers opportunities to a better life to street kids by recruiting them as part of their team. Over 30% of the revenue from the company funds the activities of the ‘Be the Change Foundation’, an initiative to sponsor the education of disadvantaged kids. His motivation is to give back something to society and to help the local community.

As a participant of ISA he wants to revamp the ecotourism program and design a volunteering program of the Authentic Ghana Tours, which should attract more international interest. 30% of this business will go to support child education in the rural villages in Ghana.