Meet the Team

Who are the people behind the scenes at the ISA? In answer to this question we would like to briefly introduce ourselves here:

Das ISA-Team vor dem WÄLDERHAUS

Hartmut Eckert (Director)

For me, sustainability is a passion. I am a qualified wholesale and export trader with a degree in Communication Science who has worked for many years in the vocational training sector. My target groups were companies and individuals looking for employment. As the Director of WÄLDERHAUS and Project Manager of ISA I attach particular importance to filling as many people as possible with enthusiasm for the SDGs, so that by the year 2030 these attain international success and the WÄLDERHAUS becomes known all over the world  as the center for sustainability.


Barbara Makowka (Deputy Director)

I have worked in the environment sector for more than 20 years. Whether in the role of agency owner for marketing and communication strategies, as project coordinator, presenter or networker, I am passionate about the subject of sustainability and love to work in an international team for further inspiration and motivation. I have a Diploma in Business Administration and have studied and worked in other countries such as England and France. My motto is to live and act with a view to the future. It has always been important to me that people take responsibility for themselves and the environment. It is only through changes in environment policies and the conscious attitude of every individual towards this issue than we will be able to achieve our goals. In my leisure time I enjoy sports, tennis, squash, jogging; I love cooking and am the proud mother of a 21-year old daughter and 19-year old son.


Eva Eckl (Administration)

After working for many years in private agency enterprises I am now looking forward to the work at the ISA in support of specific, meaningful and sustainable projects. The close cooperation with those taking part from diverse continents and cultural circles is for me particularly exciting. I studied tourist industry management and for the past 20 years lived and worked in other countries, in major cities such as London, Madrid and Barcelona, working in project management for various events, communications and marketing agencies. In my free time I enjoy dancing and cooking (a self-declared expert on sweet pastries!) and mother of a wonderful 4-year old son.


Vladimire Mahah (Project Assistant)

I became a peoples-person from my many years in international recruiting and environmental project management; now ISA is just the best opportunity for me to support brilliant minds in realising their change-making projects. I studied landscape ecology, nature conservation and am a specialist in geographic information systems and geodatabase management. During my work as a project manager for internationally funded projects, I enhanced my skills in the development and implementation of sustainable development projects in developing countries. I love to dance, meet new people and I enjoy outdoor photography. As a member of ISA, I count myself very privileged to be part of an innovative initiative as well as an awesome team! I am really looking forward to working with the international participants.


Marvin Gutdeutsch (Press & Public Relations)

I entered the sustainability sector immediately after completing my Master’s Degree course in business psychology. Already as a student I had always wanted to make a meaningful personal contribution towards a future-oriented society. I therefore already enjoyed a great deal of practical experience in the social entrepreneurship scene, and also work as a volunteer in this field. In my leisure time I enjoy creative artisan crafts and cooking delicious vegan dishes with my wife.


We are all really looking forward to the intercultural exchange within the ISA. A most enriching educational project for the SDW, the WÄLDERHAUS and for Hamburg as a whole.