“I am going to take part in ISA because I believe that learning is the key to success in life. Better learning comes from diversified exposer and culture which I feel I can acquire from ISA and implement my knowledge for the betterment of my nation and the world.” Pranaya Udash is working as a
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28. November 2020


“I plan to participate in ISA because it is the best platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience on the implementation of important SDG related projects. ISA will permit me to study the experience of digitalisation of German universities and contribute to improving the quality of education in my country.” Zhanl Mamykova is the director
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24. November 2020

Women in STEM in Kazakhstan: It’s time to change the mindset

Have you ever seen a prettier creature than the cub of a Caspian seal? His eyes are like two pearls, looking deep into your consciousness, turning and awakening your craving and love for Mother Nature. I present to you Assel Baimukanova an environmental specialist from Kazakhstan who was once deeply fascinated by this mammal, the
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17. November 2020


For the last decade, terms such as self-discipline, time-management, and organization have been very popular topics in several workshops, seminars, books, and conferences. However, the self-discipline has never been more popular than today, when the fatal virus assaulted the world and made most of its population to work from home. A relatively new trend such
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5. June 2020


The world is going through a very difficult moment with the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic. It has shaken the world to its core and has changed our way of life in ways we could never imagine. Many companies, schools and other institutions are closed down to slow down or curb the infection rate,
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28. May 2020

Rubbish to Rubies; Waste Management system In Germany, Lessons For Nigeria

“Old habits die hard”. It was a deep struggle for me conforming to waste sorting systems at home and at my office in Hamburg, Germany. Simply because it is not what I grew up doing in my country, Nigeria – we dump all waste together. Waste generation is an integral part of human existence; So
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11. May 2020


Women in daily life still have to deal with the “surprises” of stereotypes related to their weakness and that their main task is commonly reduced to the function of procreation and is less valuable than men. Such Stereotypes, especially in Asian countries, led to the signing of the “Asian and Pacific Ministerial Declaration on Advancing Gender
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29. April 2020


  Author: Isabel Salazar, ISA fellow 2019/20. What is disruption? I was trying to define my article’s title when this word came to my mind. Nowadays it is a word that you hear often in the business world: business disruption, disruptive innovation or creative disruption just to name a few, but what disruption really means?
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20. April 2020


In a time of self-isolation, one can easily fall into a boring repetitive routine. The chance of becoming anxious may be high giving the alarming news, the numbers that keep increasing every single day and the scary hashtags on social media. For someone who’s used to being active in online campaigns to raise awareness, it
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15. April 2020

Meet the Team

Who are the people behind the scenes at the ISA? In answer to this question we would like to briefly introduce ourselves here: Hartmut Eckert (Director) For me, sustainability is a passion. I am a qualified wholesale and export trader with a degree in Communication Science who has worked for many years in the vocational
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28. May 2019
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