Chibunna Ogbonna – Nigeria


The Kiru energy project is dedicated to addressing Africa’s energy challenges. Through a pilot phase in regions of Nigeria with limited electricity, it aims to establish renewable energy as the most accessible and affordable source of energy in Africa. Utilizing solar-powered smart grids and digital platforms, the project aims to connect businesses and homes to clean, reliable and affordable electricity. While this project is still in its early stages of development, its progress illuminates the transformative potential of Chibunna, a young university graduate, in fueling the aspirations of the Nigerian people.

  • Providing reliable backup power solutions for low-energy applications to over 25 customers.
  • Kiru solutions are now available in 8 Nigerian major cities.
  • ‘Pawabiz’It provides reliable clean energy to power Small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria with the aid of digital technology and innovative business models.
  • They just launched their ‘PawaHauz’ unit which provides clean and reliable energy to power Nigerian homes. The present pilot phase provides energy to 5 households.
  • 6 partner companies have joined the team of collaborators.
  • Kiru was among the top 5 finalists of the World Clean Tech Start-ups Award 2023 hosted by the Clean Tech business club France/Dubai.