1. How challenging was life before you used Kiru solution?

2. How has Kiru impacted your life?

3. What is the one thing that makes Kiru the best choice for you?

4. Will you recommend Kiru and why?


Olalekan Shekoni:

“Dealing with heat and power outages was a real struggle for me, especially since my home doubles as my business photo studio. The constant worry about losing power not only inconvenienced me but also impacted my business. I used to spend a fortune on fuel just to keep things running smoothly, but it was taking a toll on my finances. Then, I discovered PawaStation through an online advertisement.

Despite my initial doubts, a reassuring chat with the sales agent and subsequent follow-up messages convinced me to give PawaStation a try. And I’m so glad I did! This reliable backup power solution has been a game-changer. No more worrying about running out of fuel to power my gasoline generator or enduring prolonged blackouts. With PawaStation, I can charge it with solar energy and with hydroelectric power when the national grid power is on and rely on it to keep things running smoothly during outages.

Since getting PawaStation, my life has improved significantly. My fuel expenses, which used to be as high as 12,000 to 18,000 Naira (10.50-15,68 €) per week, have reduced to just 3,500 Naira(0.0030€). It’s not just a financial relief but also a huge weight off my shoulders. Now, I can focus on growing my business without the constant worry of power outages draining my resources. Impressed by PawaStation’s performance, I’ve already recommended it to a friend and plan to purchase one for my mum soon.”