Jane Kwamboka

  1. What have been your worries when buying vegetables in the past
  2. why do you prefer this product over all others
  3. Will you recommend this product and what would you like to recommend to the company?

“As I strolled through the chaotic market stalls, a familiar sense of unease settled in my stomach. Each vegetable I picked up seemed to carry a cloud of uncertainty. Where did they come from? Were they truly safe to eat? The stories of contaminated (sewage) water used in farming lingered in my mind, casting a shadow over my grocery trips. And the quality? Well, it often left much to be desired. Vegetables wilted under the harsh sunny conditions, and good hygiene stored vegetables were rare to find. To make matters worse, prices skyrocketed during dry seasons, making healthy eating feel like a luxury I couldn’t afford. It was a frustrating cycle, with essential vegetables often missing when I needed it most.

Then, one day, I stumbled upon Onyangore Farm. It was like finding an oasis in the desert. Here, vegetables came straight from the earth, untouched by the chaos of the market. They were fresh, safe, and available year-round, even in the driest months. And the taste? It was like rediscovering the true essence of food. These vegetables, grown organically, burst with flavor, reminding me of the goodness of nature and my childhood before inorganic fertilizers became popular. Sure, they came at a slightly higher price, but for the peace of mind and the assurance of quality, it was a price worth paying. It wasn’t just about the vegetables anymore; it was about supporting a trusted source and nourishing my family with the best.

Now, I find myself singing the praises of Onyangore Farm to anyone who will listen. But I have a simple request: could they perhaps expand their offerings? More indigenous vegetables and maybe a few herbs like ndania (cilantro), basil, and thyme would be a wonderful addition. Let’s continue to cultivate a future where every meal is a celebration of quality, authenticity, and community.”