„I will be joining the ISA program to have a global look at SDGs implementations around the world. I want to be one of the change leaders representing my culture. “

Waleed Salaheldin is an architect, sustainability consultant, and entrepreneur with 17 years of experience in architecture, sustainable development, and project management. He has been working in different key positions across Africa, Asia, and Europe. He aims to improve future outbreaks responses, lead the change to a post-pandemic resilient architecture, and crafting a legacy of innovation in Egypt.

His project aims to improve the response to future outbreaks by establishing an innovation and research hub for a single Egyptian village. The idea is scalable to be adopted all over Egyptian cities. The outputs will vary from design manuals for pandemic architecture, innovative materials, and solutions to protect the built environment, innovative indoor quality filtration techniques. The hub also aims to conduct awareness campaigns for Egyptian villagers on how their buildings can be protected against diseases and pandemics. The hub will enable capacity building for architects to increase their knowledge about healthy, sustainable architecture.