„I am taking part in ISA because I believe that the concept of sustainability should be integrated and mainstreamed in all activities of human livelihoods if ever real development is to take place.”

Varaidzo Chinokwetu is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Lifelong Learning and Development Studies at the Chinhoyi University of Technology. She has a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Geography, Master of Science in Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sustainability, and Master of Philosophy in Development Studies. She has undertaken several multi-country pieces of research on indigenous knowledge systems, climate change adaptation, and disaster risk reduction. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies in environmental management.

“Roadside greenbelt transformed into vegetable and flower garden.- Orange Groove, Chinhoyi”

This research has been designed to explore, adapt, and apply the notion of sustainable development and green economy in urban ecosystem management. Her project concept focuses on Environmental Management and environmental awareness with specific reference to spatial analysis of the nature and extent of urban green spaces in Chinhoyi Municipality, North-west Zimbabwe. There is considerable evidence of the deterioration of green environments in Zimbabwean cities, yet urban greening is a key element of sustainable city development.  Through ISA she plans to gain insights and acquire knowledge and skills for urban ecosystem management that has made Hamburg one of the largest green cities in the world. Such knowledge will be useful in designing a model for urban green environments management and an environmental protection awareness campaign for her hometown, paying attention to the ever-changing socio-demographic and environmental factors.