“It is often said that ‘when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable’, I am joining ISA because I want to be the channel through which people, especially Nigerian youth, learn about sustainability, nature and the environment. I strongly believe that the abuse of nature would be drastically reduced when people know why they should go all the way to preserve it.”

Olamide Olabimpe Olayiwola defines herself as a writer, researcher, and interdisciplinary creative person. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and currently concluding a master’s program in Public Economics, Law and Politics. Olamide is passionate about gender equality as well as governance, economic, climate, and environmental policies, specifically on the African continent.

Osse River Park, Ondo State, Nigeria’ Credits: Nigerian Conservation Foundation

Her ISA project focuses on environmental justice in protected areas in Nigeria. The project is in two phases; a research paper that highlights the possible ways to better conserve biodiversity and a 3-day live-in Boot Camp aimed at educating young Nigerians on the importance and relevance of Protected Areas in combating climate change. The Boot Camp shall contain a series of practical activities including excursions and visits to protected Areas, following the step-by-step process highlighted in the environmental education manual which shall be created during her stay at ISA.