“Now it’s our time to take part in addressing climate change! I would like to share my solution for reducing gas emissions. My participation at the  ISA is dedicated to take the initiative to create a gas emission control system and implement awareness about the emissions. I’m sure we can go far to achieve our vision in creating an integrated solution to deal with both, local and global climate change. “

Mohammed Alsadeg (32 years) is a Head of health safety and environment and a chemical engineer in GIAD industrial city in Sudan. He holds a master´s degree in chemical engineering and is a lecturer and engineering trainer at the ministry of environment. He is one of the Sudanese young engineer leaders with a vision to educate and share engineering skills in Sudan.

Mohammed´s ISA project is designing and developing a control system for air pollution and atmospheric CO2 in order to reduce gas emissions. He will accomplish this by creating an engineering control manual and delivering awareness programs for the industrial sector and public in Sudan. His project addresses the lack of gas pollution solutions in Sudan. He promotes adapting the best available control technology to reduce air emissions with including evaluation of alternative manufacturing and production techniques, the substitution of raw materials, and improving process control methods.