“ISA will be a turning point to alter the education system towards inclusive & humanitarian approach. This opportunity is a building block to create the World-class School with proven systems & a network of the best minds. “

 Sneha Murali (27 years) from India is the co-founder of The Positive School. A futuristic school with an ecosystem of changemakers and leaders. A school at the core is all about life skills and positivity as a way of living. She is an educator, sign language interpreter, and social entrepreneur.

Her ISA project is about “Building a Digital & Inclusive education system for Deaf”. After Covid-19 hit, the Indian education system was highly affected due to the lack of technological awareness and readiness for the future. Her system is well equipped with world-class educators, interactive learning methods & a scalable framework.

She is a child of both deaf parents who run a non-profit deaf school for 25 years and dedicated selfless service in the whole lifecycle of deaf people. She is a proficient sign language interpreter with over 15 years of experience and a strong ambassador of the life skills-based education system.

She will publish her one-of-a-kind exclusive book – “The Educators Book: what makes a great educator, Great!”