Report of Professional visit to Berlin – Experiences by Pearl Ayuketah

As a medical worker by profession, I was always drawn to people. My approach was to go beyond treating the physical symptoms and trying to ensure proper care of the mind as well.
I love encouraging young doctors and students, especially for finding a way together to build a better healthcare system.
The goal must be to help healthcare workers bring out their best, for patients to feel safe and trust the healthcare system they depend on.
In particular, my work revolves around improving medico-legal services through phone and online assistance. ISA has provided me with invaluable experiences that have greatly contributed to my personal growth and prepared me for the upcoming challenges in my career and projects. 

Especially within the framework of my professional visit to the forensic institute (Gewaltschutzambulanz) at Charité in Berlin, Opferhilfe (Victim Help) Berlin and Signal eV., I had the chance to gain insight information about the structures and operations of each institution. The focus point for me was to determine the comparison in function between the new institutions I’ve met and the way it is handled in my country. This allowed me to shape my own vision of how I need to build the system in my projects as a best practice approach. 

In addition to that, I was impressed by the close cooperation of the forensic institute and Opferhilfe Berlin, which permitted me to give a better overview in terms of creating a helpline which needs to be established in my country. In conclusion, this means improving the management of physical and sexual assault through a successful helpline.
Given these points, my experience in Berlin helped me make connections for a fruitful outlook into the future. I’d refer to it as a snowball experience where ISA marks the starting point. Combining the impact of the Forensic Institute, the Opferhilfe and Signal eV., the image of the snowball kept building up – making my project stronger with each event. 

Although I haven’t received direct financial funding for my project yet, I am very thankful to Opferhilfe Berlin for offering me a place I can always reach out for help and connecting me with Victim Support Europe.
Building a solid connection with Victim Support Europe is the next step in my journey. After our online meeting, I sent my membership application. This membership will be the start of a strong partnership which would grant me access to training in psychology, psychotherapy, and other valuable training materials for the successful implementation of my projects in Cameroon.