“I am participating in the ISA because I firmly believe that it is one of the finest platforms for learning and sharing knowledge. Specifically, my main focus is on gaining insights into shaping sustainable mountain tourism and developing a climate-resilient and inclusive tourism model for rural mountain communities. Participating in the ISA will provide me with a unique opportunity to engage with experts and professionals from around the world who are actively involved in sustainable tourism practices”. 


Amjad Ali, a 35-year-old environmental economist, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Development Studies at Karakoram International University Hunza Campus Pakistan. He has published research papers in reputable international journals and served as a lead consultant on economics of environment and tourism projects.  

Amjad’s expertise focuses on rural mountain regions in Pakistan, where he contributes to sustainable mountain development. His work demonstrates his knowledge, research skills, and commitment to exploring the intersections of economics, environment, and tourism. His ISA project focuses on sustainable mountain tourism, with special attention to women’s empowerment and climate action.