“I feel a great affinity with the ISA fellowship program because my personal process has been enabled by finding people and organizations that believe in building capacities for solving problems from an innovative perspective. ISA offers both, the opportunity of working side by side with colleagues that share a transformative vision, and the experience of building solutions with solid technical foundations, by replicating experiences from around the world.”  

Jorge Arce Correa (35 years) is a believer in the power of community self-management with more than 12 years of working in entrepreneurship, social innovation, sustainability, team building and IT. By daring social and economic orthodoxies, he has experienced valuable lessons, successes, failings, and resilience. He is interested in genuine initiatives, social entrepreneurship, disruptive business models and connectivity for sustainability. 

During his time at ISA, he will be developing The Neighborhood ThinkTank – an NGO created out of the urgent necessity for cooperating towards strengthening the community’s self-management skills. This includes building sustainable cooperation links between the rural and urban communities of the southern Huila region in Colombia. By working with different leaders, governments, and local organizations, we enhanced the reach sustainably by gathering data and analysing the context thoroughly, and then using this valuable information for co-creating educational artistic experiences or, by bringing local entrepreneurs closer to their desired goals. Making changes happen is what motivates the existence of this project.