“I am taking part in ISA because I believe that proper waste management of solid waste in Guatemala City is possible in order to contribute to the solution of contamination in the Las Vacas River. By creating new approaches, job opportunities, inclusion of communities and seeking the improvement of business models based on community participation.“


María José Hernández (37 years old) is a biologist, scientific researcher with over 10 years of experience in conservation, environmental education, co-founder and chief operational officer of Biosferagt and is responsible to lead the operations in the solid waste facilities that operates in the Las Vacas River in Guatemala.

Her ISA project focuses on the design of new projects in the comprehensive management of solid waste in Guatemala. The development of business models based on community participation and the use of solid waste for the production of new products. Looking for a systematic solution in the contamination problem, one of the main objectives is to expand our incidence by creating an effective plastic waste collection system mainly in the neighborhoods of Guatemala City. Implement a scientific research program focused on the use of plastic solid waste and expanding our environmental education coverage.