Jackson N Sebigunda – DR Congo

Step into the visionary project led by Jackson, where innovation meets sustainability to shape a brighter future for urban farming in Goma, DR Congo. Jackson’s mission? To pioneer hydroponic and urban farming systems, leveraging eco-friendly techniques to support plant cultivation within controlled environments. With a focus on training farmers and students in urban farming, Jackson not only aims to reduce hunger but also advances sustainable production and consumption. His achievements speak volumes.

  • More than 1400 people including 50 female farmers are trained in Climate-smart agricultural techniques.
  • 12 newly established Greenhouses are used as cultivation and research fields.
  • 40 Urban farms were launched and mostly led by women.
  • Over 5000 refugees including 1500 children are fed from the products of the project.
  • 4 tons of food are harvested every month.

Jackson’s remarkable accomplishments within both his university and the city of Goma earned him state recognition, leading to his 2024 promotion as Dean of the Faculty for Environment and Agronomy at the University of Goma.