“I am undertaking this fellowship program from my unshakable belief in the potential for transformative change. I am inspired by the prospect of improved waste management practices that will not only alleviate environmental burdens but also uplift and empower communities. By embarking on this journey, I want to catalyse a movement that transcends challenges and leaves a greener, healthier planet for generations to come.”

Shivangi Aggarwal (25 years) is a sustainability strategist having 6+ years of experience working in the intersection of policy, waste management and climate change. She is a passionate environmental enthusiast, researcher and economist with a master’s degree in economics. She is also working in the space of ESG practices in India. She has worked with the government of the global south, Non-profits and corporations globally.

Shivangi’s ISA project focuses on enhancing solid waste management practices, encompassing both forward and backward linkages in the value chain. The project aims to establish a plastic waste management unit at the block level. Key activities include creating standard operating procedures for waste management at household and community levels, conducting behavioural change communication to raise awareness about proper waste handling, and implementing information education and communication efforts to educate workers involved in the waste value chain.