“I am taking part in the ISA because I believe that integrating sustainability practices into mental health services is crucial for creating a healthier and more environmentally conscious society; Mindful minds, sustainable world.”

Freda Mutune (28 years)  from Kenya is the founder and CTO of PsychX Limited. She holds a BSc. ICT,  CCNA certified and a certified Software Entrepreneur.  Freda has six years of experience as a software engineer with a foundation in various programming languages, software development methodologies, and tools. She has four years of entrepreneurial experience, and is passionate about empowering women in the tech industry and entrepreneurship. She is a former business coach at ventures nonprofit in Seattle and she is currently participating in the ISA program. Her work at PsychX provides a comprehensive, friendly and tailored platform for individuals and corporates to access affordable mental wellness services with the ability to choose professionals of preference anywhere anytime.

Freda‘s project at the ISA is to promote mental wellness for a greener, brighter future through PsychX. PsychX recognizes the intersection between climate change and the rising mental health challenges in Africa. The impact of climate change, such as environmental stressors, displacement, and economic instability, contributes to the higher prevalence of mental health conditions in the region. Factors like limited access to mental health services, cost barriers, stigma, and inadequate therapist-client matches further exacerbate the burden, resulting in increased relapses and significant global productivity losses.


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