“Every railway child in India deserves support and the collective attention of all. The ISA program, in my view, stands as an influential platform, effectively disseminating vital information across vast distances, and nurturing the culture of shared knowledge. Through active participation, I am committed to playing my role in this transformative journey.”

Sanoj NT (35 years) is an educational activist who uses several educational techniques to promote the welfare of children living on the streets and railway stations. He started his project (Child in Rail) with the intention of empowering the railway or street children and giving them access to education, love, and health care. The project idea is simple: they won’t go to school, so we are taking school to them.

SDG goal number 4—”quality education”—is the main emphasis of his ISA project. My ultimate goal in using informal education is to provide these disadvantaged kids with a great education while working with my team to comprehend their issues and provide a highly efficient solution. One of the results of this project is that these kids will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to pursue their rights to growth in the future and slowly make this project happen all over India by developing a national policy for children living in railway stations.