Time flies! And that’s why it’s nearly time to say goodbye to the ISA-fellows 2021/22: We asked Tamara about her ISA-time:
How do you feel when you think about the fact that your ISA scholarship will soon be over?
I feel that during the ISA period I have grown a lot. The opportunity to be a participant opened many doors. During my stay in Germany, I was able to visit places important for my personal development and the development of my project. I was given opportunities not available in Ukraine. I feel that in 8 months of being here I have gained more experience than in the last three years of my life. I feel that I am full of inspiration and I am going back to my homeland with new ideas that I can implement in my country.
What will you miss most about the ISA?
I appreciate the work of the ISA team. We were given good conditions. The ISA team did everything to enable us to realize our projects. I will miss people like Niko (Nikolas) with his free croissants and pommes (french fries), Chris (Christian) tech help, discussions of cultural differences with Mohammed and John, Karima’s laughs and all the other guys.
What will you miss most about Germany?
Germany is a very comfortable country. Very beautiful and culturally diverse. Germany has borders with different countries, during my free time in Germany I was able to visit some neighbouring countries. I will miss the opportunity to reach the neighbouring country in five hours.
What is the most important lesson you will take away?
Planning is very important. But in real life, not everything will go according to plan.