Karima El Azhary (PhD researcher) from Morocco and Waleed Salaheldin (architect, sustainability consultant) are two of ISA most talented fellows in the 3rd ISA fellowship round. They are both from North Africa and have some similarities. Not only do they have similarities in their region of origin, but both are passionate about sustainable building infrastructure. While Waleed is interested in leading the change to a post-pandemic resilient architecture, Karima on the other hand is focused on producing sustainable building materials from local biowaste.
The idea of a possible collaboration started during the first team meeting of the ISA Program, where common interests were identified. As a follow-up to the team meeting, Karima and Waleed started working together on a research paper related to ‘’Integrated design strategy for new vernacular inclusive and sustainable buildings’’ which contribute to the achievement of different SDGs. This paper will discuss the resistance and sustainability of post-pandemic buildings using highly efficient biobased building materials.
Waleed shared a perfect model for hygiene and sustainable materials in Karima’s research project on biobased materials and the re-use of agriculture waste and conversion into a workable and efficient building material. While Karima in her turn developed a comprehensive mature architectural concept inspired by north African vernacular architecture with Waleed’s work where she can test and examine the efficiency and workability of her patent materials.
During an interview with Karima and Waleed, they confessed that although they are coming from the same MENA region, without the ISA program they wouldn’t have been able to benefit from the perfect project incubator for innovation and new dimensions of cooperation on a global level.
In conclusion, Karima and Waleed share their gratitude to the ISA Team.
“We would like to thank the ISA for giving us this opportunity to be part of this wonderful and fruitful programme.”