This time we asked Chibunna, a fellow, a few questions about his time at the ISA:
How do you feel when you think about the fact that your ISA scholarship will soon be over?
I feel very emotional about the fact that my ISA scholarship will soon be over. More to that, I feel grateful for the progress in my life as a result.
What will you miss most about the ISA?
I will miss seeing the ISA team, my colleagues, and friends at the WÄLDERHAUS the most.
What will you miss most about Germany?
I will miss reading while taking the train to and from the WÄLDERHAUS, my friends in Germany, some favourite meals and snacks, the constant internet and electricity, the view from my accommodation, the Christmas markets and travelling within Germany.
What was your favourite ISA moment?
Every moment at ISA was special. However, my favourite moment at ISA were the dinners at Barbara Makowka’s home and the SDW Dinner including all the trips within Germany and the United Kingdom.
What is the most important lesson you will take away?
Time really flies. Make connections, enjoy simple things, and stay open-hearted to new experiences.