“I am taking part in ISA because I believe it is high time to make sustainable & regenerative approaches to the mainstream for all, not only to solve the current problems but also as the way forward. I also want to learn, share, and stretch my perspectives together with diverse bright minds from all over the world. And I want to harness the power of this synergistic learning and working together to grow my idea & visions further, to take it closer to reality.”

Nishad Malla has been working as an ‘Agriculture Instructor’ at a local community school in Chitwan, Nepal. There, besides teaching technical students about agriculture and conducting practical sessions in the field or lab, he is also trying to take some initiatives for a few other projects involving students, school, and community. He has always been very passionate about developing ecological, sustainable & regenerative systems, and now his research, as well as career interests, involve exploring and contributing to these multi-disciplinary areas, with a focus on education, training, and collaborative projects.

Students from the Nepal Secondary School in Chitwan preparing vegetable beds for the seasonal garden works

His ISA project aims to advocate ‘Sustainability Education’ via school garden and organic waste management. He plans to design & establish a sustainable school garden within the school periphery & develop it as the demonstration plot not just for student learning but also as a center for awareness & education of organic gardening as well as sustainable practices to the whole community. In addition, he would like to launch a ‘composting project’ where organic wastes from the nearby vegetable market will be recycled to produce high-quality compost and use it as an input for school gardens. Furthermore, he will also explore the possibility of developing this composting project further into a viable green startup.