“I am joining ISA because I believe that agriculture is the backbone of the economy in the developing world. So, implementing technology in agriculture will boost food production and increase the standard of living.”

Mafor Anna Ngwenyi (27 years) from Cameroon has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Network and System Maintenance. She is the Co-founder of Girls Tech-Changer Community. An initiative created to bridge the gender gap in STEM-related fields and to solve community problems via technology. As a community leader and a technology enthusiast, she is passionate about bringing sustainability to agriculture through a start-up she founded (called AgriDroneTech).

Her ISA project is termed “IOT-based automated agricultural monitoring and control system for smart farming” the project aims at helping 75% of the local Cameroonian farmers who are involved in agriculture as their main occupation to optimize agricultural operation and increase crop yield and monitor crop growth using modern technology. As more work and energy are implemented in agriculture leading to low productivity. She will be working with a team of 4 persons to develop a business plan, and an IOT smart farming system to eradicate these problems and boost food production in Cameroon.