I will be part of ISA because I believe that climate change is the greatest challenge of humanity and there is still time to reverse it. Green areas are essential in minimizing adverse effects in this scenario”

Carolina de Macedo Pinto (38 years old) is a biologist, an environmental manager, Master of Science and is responsible for the sustainability manager at the Sao Paulo Zoological Park Foundation in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She has started scientific research on ecosystem services, in the area where the zoo is located: the Fontes do Ipiranga State Park (PEFI), a remnant of the Atlantic Forest in Sao Paulo.

Her ISA project focus on the continuity of research on Ecosystem Services (ES) generated by the PEFI and the evaluation of how those ES help in minimizing extreme events and climate adaptation for the city of Sao Paulo. To achieve this aim, she intends to study the social and environmental vulnerabilities of the surroundings. Beyond, she will evaluate the potential of medium and long-term local projects related to ecosystem services.