“I am convinced that through the ISA program, I can increase my knowledge, experience and skills on sustainable development and climate change-related sector to ease the growth of the social and environmental impact of our social enterprise in Nigeria.”

Salisu Abdullahi (30 years) holds an MSc degree with Distinction in Environmental Microbiology & Biotechnology and a postgraduate certificate in Business & Entrepreneurship from Rutgers Business School, New Jersey, United States. He has over 6 years of experience in sustainable waste recollection and management as the Chief Executive Officer of eTrash2Cash in Nigeria, a waste management social enterprise that helps both the people and the planet, by allowing them to exchange their trash for cash.

The trash collected is recycled into sustainable & reusable raw materials and finished products. His ISA project focuses on designing a financial innovation model for the “Trash Bank,” a collection centre to reach millions of people in Africa at the grassroots and educate them on issues around environmental sustainability and climate change. And through doing that, help them to earn and save attractive income from “trash”, which they can then use to improve their living standards, e.g., access affordable healthcare or use the income to pay for school fees.