WORKING TOGETHER AT ISA – Priyanka’s Working Journey with Nicolas

 I believe in the quote ‘Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress and working together is a success as said by Henry Ford. This is what reflects the teamwork, which I am currently admiring in the ISA Fellowship Program 2021/22.
I started my journey at ISA in June 2021 as a Research Fellow with 14 other international fellows coming from different regions of the world. It was an exciting day for me to finally touch my feet in Germany after a long wait. When all the fellows introduced their project description, I found a special Fellow with whom I can collaborate to develop my project.
Nicolas Luna from Columbia is a GIS expert, and his extensive knowledge and guidance gave me a better perception of my project. My project is related to the conservation of ecosystem services by integration of the blue-green infrastructure concept for flood risk reduction in India. With the help of Nicolas, I am learning GIS tools necessary for mapping the land-use changes in Thane City of India to identify the high-risk flood-prone areas. These maps are essential for my project, as I plan to use them to demonstrate why and how the blue-green infrastructure concept can be beneficial for cities in India.
Working together with Nicolas and other fellows has helped me to brainstorm ideas, exchange knowledge, and gain insights on sustainability. The experience of learning new aspects from various perspectives is fruitful, fun-loving and in my opinion, everyone should perceive it in their daily work life.
I am thankful to ISA for providing such a platform for young researchers like me.
So, let’s do great things together!”
By Priyanka