“I believe that the International Sustainability Academy (ISA) is a powerful platform to share my vision and nourish it to scale my vision globally to solve the conversing crisis that we are facing today” 

Madan Poudel is a social entrepreneur from Nepal. His true calling lies in building models for resilient and regenerative food systems. As a practitioner, he started his journey as a farmer and now works across the entire farm-to-fork spectrum, fostering a future where food nourishes and regenerates our planet.

His ISA project focuses on developing and scaling up a replicable model for a resilient and regenerative food system with three key elements: farm-to-fork connection, vocational education, and research & development. Through this project, he aims to share his vision, learn from best practices, gain valuable insights, and connect with global actors to tackle the food and climate crisis. Joining ISA isn’t just about growth for Mandan; it’s about nourishing this model to scale globally, fostering a future where food nourishes and regenerates.