“As the ISA program representative for my village, I firmly believe that village-based tourism is a sustainable way to empower the local community, particularly the youth, women farmer group and housewives, for a better future and prosperity.”

 Sri Trisnawati (29 years old) has 5 years of experience working with a Japanese NGO (Yui-Tool Kaihatsu Labo) focused on Education on SDG in several villages on Lombok Island. Trisna’s work primarily involves educating and facilitating local communities in managing and designing sustainable tourism, including village-based tourism and mangrove eco-tourism. Additionally, she actively participates in environmental education programs focused on waste management and gender equality initiatives, in which Trisna empowers and trains local housewives to actively engage in eco-tourism.

Her ISA project, called Bale Lantan, which she established with her triplets, Tanti and Tiwi, began in 2017 and focuses on empowering and training local youth and housewives in Lantan Village, Lombok, Indonesia, to design and manage village-based tourism. This includes creating diverse eco-tourism packages, utilizing natural resources for enhanced economic value, and integrating local culture and village daily life into sustainable tourism practices.