I am participating in the ISA program to be one of the young leaders who are protecting our mother earth. I believe that starting environmental education at an early age is crucial because living in a world without investing in the next generation would be unsustainable.”

Sabri Borhaneddine (27 years) is an Algerian engineer in renewable energy. He has a master’s degree in energy and environment, he is also the founder of Green and Joyful: a program of a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental education. Sabri believes that education is one of the most powerful and proven vehicles toward sustainable development.


His ISA project is devoted to SDG number 4 and more specifically it covers environmental education for children. Sabri and his team are aiming to get students involved in the battle against climate change. The idea behind his project is for youth to develop a firm ecological mindset conscious of environmental issues. The philosophy of the Green and Joyful program is based on encouraging children to become passionate and curious about nature. This will be conducted via modern educative methods which rely on scientific experiments and outdoor activities that will push children to learn how to protect our planet while having fun.