Taking part in the ISA Program will open up valuable opportunities in the implementation of digital learning through innovative technology-driven activities and the launching of connected gardens! A great step forward for Senegal

Aminata Lo (58 years) is a digital Teacher Trainer in SIMEN, the Management and Information System of the Ministry of National Education in Senegal. She designs and implements teaching and learning content for Students delivered through blended learning with Google Workspace for Education. She also develops activities and assessments to achieve desired educational outcomes and modules. Aminata is currently involved in the development of training content for teachers on the use of free pedagogical and collaborative ICT tools in the classroom.

Her ISA project is “SDGs Program and New Technology-driven Innovations in the Senegalese Curriculum”. She aims to design content courses on a national blueprint for the mainstreaming of environmental issues, including the mitigation of climate change and promote environmental education in the curriculum of secondary schools through innovative approaches.