“I will take part in ISA because of the great support the program gives and the opportunity to develop my project in a professional atmosphere with proper guidance. I am confident to attain greater knowledge from a pool of numerous experts. This will certainly make the whole journey meaningful and sustainable”.

Rose Zvarivadza (29 years) is a director at Cobra Security as well as the project lead of ‘Branding Hope’. She earned a master´s degree of international brand management in Germany and she is a motivational speaker as well. Encouraging people has always been one thing she is known for, and she finds joy in inspiring people on various platforms.          

Having been raised by a physically disadvantaged father, Rose was inspired to hold a project for the CSR of her father’s company. She is determined to motivate the integration of socially disadvantaged persons by designing and promoting the use of branded merchandise. In addition, she will organize a campaign in order to educate, create awareness, motivate and inspire the target groups. Furthermore, she will create a magazine and establish a blog to publish testimonials as well as create awareness of the ongoing project.