“I participate in the ISA because I believe it will grant me the exposure to learn and contribute to achieving the goals 13 (Climate Action) and 15 (Life on Land) of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN decade for Ecosystem Restoration. Educating young people is and remains a vital tenet of climate action.” 

Obimdike, Mmachukwu Loretta (28 years) is a forester and environmentalist from Nigeria with over four years of professional experience as an environmental educator and ecosystem conservator. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Green Environment and Climate Change Initiative (GECCI), an environmental conservation organization with the aim of combating climate change through initiating environmental education programs to increase environmental literacy and execute on-hand projects in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry and Wildlife.

With her ISA project, she will create environmental clubs, and develop a manual and activity booklet for these clubs in schools. She will organize an annual three-day boot camp where students of these environmental clubs will participate in environmental activities, present their innovative projects and engage in environmental competition. The aim is to increase awareness and participation of young leaders in environmental conservation activities. She will equally campaign and plant indigenous economic trees in open spaces.