“I am taking part in ISA because I believe that ISA is a bridge between the goals I want to achieve alongside the change the world needs to see and for me, the world means education.”

Marwa Werghemmi from Tunisia is a teacher with over 3 years of professional experience and a master’s student in skill development and training engineering and a MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative) Student Leaders Alumna. She is interested in SDG4 and has been the coordinator of many educational projects like TNAUT (teaching TEYL through outdoor education), Community musketeers (soft skills training program for high scholars), Cogito (critical thinking curriculum integration in primary schools), and past ambassador with World Literacy Foundation and Peace First organization.


Her project at ISA focuses on developing an activity booklet about conflict resolution and negotiation alongside critical thinking skills focusing on literacy as part of the life skills in the 21st century for primary school learners in rural areas in southern Tunisia. Starting by preparing an educational manual to be integrated into organized dialogue sessions within casual lessons through purposeful educational games: critical thinking board games and negotiation and conflict resolution card games to enhance learning according to the outdoor education pedagogy or Montessori approach and allowing unlimited access to the project pedagogical materials in all the regions and considering teachers as the milestone of the project that can guarantee the sustainable side of the project.