“I participate in the ISA program because I believe that sustained growth in agricultural productivity is an ideal model and a political goal of agricultural development. For me, the best place to achieve this goal is at the International Sustainability Academy”

Dr. Jackson N. Sebigunda (31 years) is a geneticist and plant breeder, associate professor at the University of Goma in DR Congo, and a co-founder of the Incubator for Health Education and Agriculture for Development in Africa. He advocates for sustainable development, climate-smart agriculture, nutrition, and food security. He is an optimist about the alleviation of poverty through agriculture.

His ISA project is about “developing an urban farming system combining hydroponics and aquaponics; capacity building for sustainable agriculture in Goma, North-Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo”. The main goal is to bring food production and gardening back into the urban areas; thereby, decreasing the distance that agricultural products go through by increasing the awareness of the citizens towards food production and sustainable behavior and improving food literacy skills, social relationships, entrepreneurship, physical activity, and pride in community settings.