“I am participating in the ISA fellowship because I want to deepen my knowledge, competence and skills through the hands-on learning provided during the period of the fellowship.”

 Henry Cofie Fordi (32 years) is a Development Planner and an Agriprenuer with over 6 years of experience working with people especially women in the agribusiness sector. He is a founding member of Guzakuza, an organization committed to equipping women with tools and resources to build resilient agribusiness in Africa. He is passionate about empowering women using agriculture, providing training in sustainable agricultural practices and working with communities to protect the climate and biodiversity, promote food security and sustain farmlands for future generations.

His ISA project addresses the limited access to resources like land, inputs, training, coaching, mentorship, technology and financial service by rural women farmers, and the use of unsustainable farming techniques. He will be working with his team to equip rural women in Ghana with Agri-entrepreneurial skills and resources to enable them to start and run successful agribusinesses. These women will undergo a series of hands-on training including Agricultural best practices, coaching, mentoring, field trips, and apprenticeship to gain these technical and business skills.