“I am taking part in the ISA because I believe that creating wealth from waste, triggering the conscious mindset of humans, and encouraging environmental education is vital in promoting the best environmental practices and livelihood. I believe “The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.”

Fontoh Desmond Abinwi (30 years) is a climate change consultant and entrepreneur from Cameroon with over 6 years of experience in Conservation, Waste Management, and Environmental Education. He is the Founder of Crusader for Environmental Protection and Ozone Watch. He holds a master’s degree in Climate Change.

His project is focused on recycling post-consumer plastic waste into eco-friendly plastic pavements and tiles. The plastic waste provides an opportunity to create a better alternative to ceramic tiles and brick pavements. His project is also designed to equip young citizens with the capability to transform these plastics and earn up while conserving their environment. Further, through a designed beat-the-bottle platform, the project is also creating Eco-clubs to promote Environmental Education amongst youths and kids.