“I am going to participate in ISA because I believe that the urban sanitation crisis is a global challenge, and I am dedicated to sharing my ideas and insights in trying to solve it. „

Anne Aol (28 years) comes from Kenya and is an environmental planner. She is working with a team of waste collectors and the leadership of Fresh Life Initiative to audit and improve non-sewered sanitation service delivery according to international standards across a network of 3500 Fresh Life toilets in urban slums in Kenya. She has a bachelor’s in environmental planning and management with training in GIS (Geographic Information System) and Remote Sensing.

Her project is focused on increasing access and improving sanitation service delivery in informal settlements in Kenya by reducing the cost of waste collection services and increasing accessibility to sanitation utilities. The project entails designing, testing, and implementing an innovative service delivery model relying on GIS technology for safe waste collection. She will test the model in current informal settlements and new informal settlements where Fresh Life Initiative is operating and planning to expand. This model will also help to ensure improved access to sanitation facilities for residents of informal settlements.