I’m joining the ISA program because I’m passionate about empowering communities and enabling sustainability. My vision is a world where our environmental efforts combat pollution while also contributing to poverty alleviation and fostering greater social fairness.

Hung Bee Ling, co-founder of Hara Makers, leads the ‘Reimagine Plastic’ Project, focusing on environmental preservation and creating economic opportunities for the underprivileged. With six years of experience in community organising, storytelling, and consensus-building across diverse groups, Bee Ling’s work at Hara Makers has recognised her as one of Wiki Impact 2023’s 100 Changemakers.

The Reimagine Plastic Project, aligned with SDGs 1, 3, 4, 8, 12, 5, and 13, employs vocational training and upcycling techniques, enabling disadvantaged communities to transform plastic waste into valuable products. This leads to a sustainable shift in plastic usage, fostering cleaner communities and economic development. Her project champions sustainable development through the integration of circular economy principles, empowerment of lower-income communities, and utilisation of innovative upcycling methods.