“I am taking part in the ISA program because i believe mechanization of waste collection process will foster safety and good health for sanitation workers, provide equal employment opportunities in an industry that is male-dominated and increase offtake of waste from communities”


 Venus Mungesa (25 years), a mechanical engineer at Fresh Life Initiatives in Kenya, is dedicated to optimization of waste management and ensuring safe container-based sanitation services.

As part of her ISA project, She focuses on researching, designing, and implementing a mechanized waste collection model. Currently, the waste collection process from container-based toilets is manual and labor-intensive. The innovative model aims to enhance the health and safety of waste collectors by minimizing their exposure and reducing ergonomic risks. Additionally, it seeks to decrease labor intensity, providing equal employment opportunities for both men and women while increasing the collection of waste from communities. Her efforts hold the potential to revolutionize waste management practices, promoting sustainability and improving the overall well-being of communities in Kenya. The project contributes to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 3, 5, 6 and 8.