The 2023 ISA Alumni Network event was the first of its kind, and it set the perfect tone for the second year of the alumni network by showcasing the successful collaboration of ISA alumni. The event was a celebration of this momentum, and it provided an excellent platform for ISA alumni to come together to welcome their incoming administrative executives.

The event started with a presentation of the guest speaker Dr. Shaban Mayanja, who is also a valuable member of the ISA Jury and a policy advisor in the Education Sector Program in charge of the Service point Higher Education for Development at the GIZ in Bonn.

Another exciting insight of this annual event was the presentation of the outcome of the election of the new ISA-AN Admin Super Team, followed by their acceptance speeches. The highly deserving members of the Alumni Super Team include Nishad Malla (President), Henry Fordi (Director of Events), Priyanka Kulkarni (Director of Information), Ritu Malhotra (Director of Partnership & Networking), Tatenda Chitaka (Co-ordniator) as well as Sneha Murali (Honorary Admin).  The event was crowned with the announcement of the ISA Alumni Awards, which are taking place for the first time in the upcoming year.

Despite the election of a new admin team the ISA, Alumni and all its partners will never forget the achievements of the outgoing admins.


Personally, being part of this network so far was indeed a great experience; however, I would say our ISA-Alumni Network is still a work in progress. There are many opportunities yet to be explored and milestones to be achieved. – Nishad Malla (President)


ISA-AN was an extension of my ISA days! It was a mind-bending experience trying to build this forum from scratch. As an Events Director, it was such a holistic experience to organize events for international change-makers. – Sneha Murali (Events Director)


As a sustainability architect, I enjoy bringing things into shape. ISA-AN started with a thought. It was an exciting journey to brainstorm innovative ways to engage our community. This is just the beginning of a great visionary. – Waleed Salaah (Information Director)


Starting something for the first time can be arduous and uncertain. However, with purposeful intention and a great team, anything is possible. I had a great experience learning and volunteering as an ISA Alumni Admin. It was an honour to be part of the pioneers. – Chibunna Ogbonna (Partnerships Director)